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Frequently Asked Questions
Will the heated mirrors work on my truck even if my stock mirrors were not heated?
Your vehicle must be wired for heated mirrors in order for our heated mirrors to function properly. You can tell if your vehicle is wired for heat two ways. Your stock mirror glass will have a heated symbol on it or you can call your local dealership with your vehicle VIN number and their computer system will tell if your truck was wired for heat at the factory.
What are the measurements of the mirrors?
The glass is 10 1/2" wide and 6 1/2" tall.
How far do the mirrors extend?
Our mirrors, when fully extended will measure 21" from where they mount to your door out to the tip of the mirror. This will make the overall width (tip of one mirror to the tip of the other mirror) between 109" and 112" depending on the vehicle model.
Is the glass convexed or flat?
The mirror glass is flat so the vision is not distorted. We do, however, offer convexed passenger side glass for our customers who prefer convex. Please see the Parts & Accessories page for further information.
Do the mirrors break away?
Yes, our mirrors break away toward the door and toward the hood.
Do the mirrors plug into the stock wiring?
Yes, our mirrors plug into the stock mirror wiring. There is a small two-strand wiring harness included that is run from the driver side over into the passenger door to get the extension/retraction function to the passenger mirror. If your truck does not have stock power mirrors, the mirror and tilt switch assembly combination will give you all the wiring necessary.
What if my stock mirrors are the GM power fold (DL3) mirrors?

For the 2003 - 2006 and 2007 Classic GM trucks with the stock power fold mirrors the install is a little different than our other models. This applies to models 6141 and 6141T. You simply take the stock mirrors off, put ours on in the same spot, and plug them in. Your GM dealer then needs to reprogram your door module from a DL3 mirror code to a DPF (power extend/retract) mirror code. At that point, your truck's mirror programming is just like it would have been had it come from the factory with power extending mirrors. You do not need to install any wires or switches. The switch and wires that were doing the power fold will instead do the power extend/retract.

No reflash is necessary for the 2007 new body style GM trucks with DL3 mirrors.
How long does it take to install the mirrors?
An automotive professional should be able to install our mirrors in 1 to 2 1/2 hours depending on the model.
Can I install them myself?
Yes, currently approximately 75% of our mirrors are installed by the consumer.
If I have an accident and break my mirror are replacement parts available?
Yes, our service department has all the mirror parts available.
What is the warranty on the mirrors?
Both the Power Vision mirrors and the auxiliary mirrors have a one year warranty.